Episode 89: What Over-Functioning Is … and How to Stop

Maybe you’ve found yourself thinking something like this lately:


  • I’m exhausted all the time. I think I’m just burned out.
  • I can’t seem to focus on just one thing. I must be a loser.
  • Why am I always so tired? 
  • How come everyone else seems to be able to handle everything, and I can’t?

It’s become an epidemic among women. We say yes. To everything!

Hell, we say yes to things we didn’t even realize we were saying yes to. A moment of realization can hit when you’re folding the laundry for four people while they’re watching TV.

Or when you’re volunteering on a committee you don’t truly care about while you’re worrying about your business, the emails you didn’t return or whether or not dinner got on the table.

Maybe you’re answering texts during dinner with your family because someone “needs your advice” and you don’t want to say no.

You guys. This has to stop.

It’s not easy, and in this episode, you’ll hear more about why it’s not easy for us (hint, we’re being incredibly co-dependent when we do this) but how we can break through and get it done anyway.

Learning how to focus on only one thing, and on the thing that matters most to you, is a skill I’m going to urge you to learn.

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Finally, the training you’re going to listen to in this episode is from a live training I did this month with my monthly members. This is just a short clip of a 75-minute, in-depth training we did together.

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