Episode 80: Your Business Is NOT a “Hobby”

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This one is for all you animal lovers out there! Oh, and for all of you who have friends who are crazy in love with their pets, you’re going to want to listen in.

If you’ve been searching for a great gift for a dog lover, or you want to have a beautiful picture of your cat up on your wall, or you want to spend more time looking at your household pet because come on, they’re the best, then this is the episode for you.

Today’s guest on the show is Nicole McKay, Founder of AugiDog Art. Her business takes your favorite picture of your pet and turns it into beautiful art. Yep. Your favorite pet on a canvas.

I was excited to bring her to the podcast not only because I’m a huge animal lover and I think her canvases are cool (which they are), it’s because of her story.

This one actually starts with a cancer diagnosis that gave her a little bit of time to examine what she was doing and what she actually wanted to be doing.

From that moment on, she listened to the nudges. She kept answering the call she felt to use her hands and help animals at the same time.

Before all of this, she helped other businesses get off the ground. Which ended up serving her really well as she started to launch her own work.

As you listen, I’d love for you to think about what you love. Is there anything you’ve considered a “hobby”? Anything you’ve thought you couldn’t make money doing?

After listening to Nicole’s story, you might just see a way to make it happen.

When she’s not creating custom pet canvases, you can find her volunteering on several committees and getting others involved with what is happening locally.

She brings her passion for business and animals to everything she does, which you’ll hear her talk about in this episode.

Nicole is doing all of this, not only to make a living for herself but because she’s on a mission to empty animal shelters. All while creating custom pet canvases for pet lovers like you and me.

Oh, and Nicole launched her business a mere three months before COVID hit. Can you imagine how tempting it would’ve been for her to believe that her dream wouldn’t get off the ground?

But as you’ll hear, she kept listening to the nudges and her businesses started to take off.

As promised, here’s the coupon code that Nicole shared with us on the podcast: GAMEONGF for 10% off a custom AugiDog canvas.

You can check out her website here. She has the coolest tool on there. So much fun.

You can also find her here:

Instagram: @AugiDogArt

Facebook: @AugiDogArt

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