Episode 90: Curious About the World of Spiritual Energy? Karen Foote Has Answers.

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Are you one of those women who gets pretty strong nudges? You know, you get a feeling that you should call someone, send an email or text — then you do … and magic follows.

It’s pretty cool, right?

Have you ever been curious about what that means or wonder if you’re tapping into something bigger than you? Is it just your intuition, or is something else going on?

Today, we cover questions like this and so much more as we talk to Karen Foote, reiki master teacher and massage therapist

She’s also the founder of Rebalance Reiki and Massage and owner of Moon Magic, a Spiritual Wellness Center in Hillsdale, NJ. 

Karen is an intuitive healer with a down-to-earth sensibility. What I love about talking to Karen is she makes the “out there spiritual stuff” accessible, normal, and grounded. 

She has over 20 years of hands-on bodywork experience and loves sharing her gifts with those open to receiving them. 

In this conversation, we talk about how Karen got started down this path (you know I love a good founder’s story)! Learn how it happened for her step by step. That’s exactly how it happens to all of us, right?

If you’ve been trying to figure out your best next step, listen to the open way Karen has approached her own path in this episode. You’ll find it really inspiring!

And for the love of all things, make sure you pay attention to our conversation about email marketing. Yes! Even in a conversation about spirituality and energy, you’ll hear exactly how important email marketing is and how it can change other people’s lives.  

Now’s the time to dive in if you’re feeling the pull. The world of energy and spirituality is available to all of us.

Pop in those earphones and take a listen!

As promised, here are some of the links we talk about in the show:

Karen’s Facebook group, where she shares angel card readings.

And to take advantage of her amazing 20% discount for a distant healing session, click here and use coupon code: GOG  (expires 10/21/21).

You can follow Karen online here:


Instagram @rebalancereiki

Facebook @Fria-keep your cool 

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