Episode 45: Feeling Good

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What if I told you that feeling good wasn’t as hard as this year may have led us to believe?

What if you could feel even a little bit better … even when things are really hard?

It sounds pretty amazing, right? Like it’s too good to be true? I know I’ve had my days, and I’m sure you have too, where you just want to pack it in, pull the covers over your head, and start again tomorrow.

Well, after hearing this conversation with Dr Peggy DeLong, you might change your mind.

If the name Dr Peggy, or The Gratitude Psychologist, sounds familiar, it should! She’s been a guest on this podcast before — all the way back at the beginning! You can check out her first Game On Girlfriend interview in Episode #3: 5 exercises that will change your life.

Dr. Peggy has a new book coming out on November 18, which you can pre-order now, and I was really excited to bring her back so we could talk about it.

This one’s called “Feeling Good,” and it’s filled with mindset exercises, powerful anecdotes, and serious, practical advice.

The book even dives into something we could all use more of: an understanding that life is rock-bottom “not fair” — and it’s up to you to decide what to do about that — and allowing yourself to really process unwanted emotions.

It’s that second one that really struck me. I’ve been watching all of us go through 2020 together, and seeing how damaging it can be when we don’t process our emotions. When I hear Peggy talk, I can’t help but wonder what the world would look like if we were all brave enough to do that.

Dr. Peggy is a psychologist who was raised in bucolic Bernardsville, New Jersey.

She has a private practice in Long Valley, New Jersey, where she specializes in assisting individuals and groups with fostering gratitude and cultivating joy in everyday living.

She does this through psychotherapy, her online monthly membership Feeling Good with Dr. Peggy, online courses, speaking engagements, and books.

She also owns Peggy’s Midnight Creations, where she designs inspirational, mental health bracelets for life’s transitions and challenges.

An accomplished psychologist, entrepreneur, speaker, and author, Dr. DeLong feels passionate about connecting with others and helping them live their very best lives, even on the worst of days.

When she’s not focused on her businesses, you’ll find Peggy connecting with nature. She’s either spending time with her husband and three children in the mountains, downhill or telemark skiing, hiking, or mountain biking, or watching a sunset from her kayak.

To take advantage of her special offer of one whole year in her membership when you pre-order her book, just click here to grab your copy.

You can find out more about Peggy here:




Facebook: @Dr. Peggy DeLong Psychologist Author Speaker

@Peggy’s Midnight Creations

Instagram: @the.gratitude.psychologist


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