Episode 96: How to Create Before You Compare and Despair

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You know the feeling, right? You pick up your phone to make sure you got back to your kid’s school about that field trip release form, and you see that little red circle over your Instagram app.

I’m not sure what sort of voodoo those red dots are into, but damn, it’s good. It works almost every time.

Before you know it, you’re not even sure if you still have kids, what a field trip is, or why you should care.

You’re transported into a world of perfect bodies, bubbly personalities, and perfect bedroom decor. 

Oh, and then you see your competitor, who looks like they’re “killin’ it” (whatever the hell that means) and you begin to despair.

You may have had plans to write a new post that very morning. Or to call a trainer and start on a new plan to be healthier. Or you had a great idea for a new video or a new offer you wanted to create.

But instead of creating, you’re despairing.

What the hell just happened? How did this happen?

Honestly, it’s the worst. And I truly believe that social media and our phones while incredibly helpful at times are robbing the world of more extraordinary business ideas and talents than anything else.

So, in today’s episode, I’ll walk you through 3 things you can do right now to avoid the compare and despair trap and keep you creating stellar content and a profitable business.

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