Episode 121: Why You Feel Like Crap All the Time

Game On Girlfriend Ep121

OK, can we pull up a chair, have some tea, and talk about this for a second? Just the other day, I was on a call with one of my students, and she shared that even though she’s experiencing an incredibly successful time in her business, she’s never felt so unhappy.

OMG. Did anyone else just hear the sad trombone sound? Womp womp, womp …

It’s likely you’ve experienced this too. It’s like: Wait a minute. I should be happy right now. Why am I not happy? What’s wrong with me?

But the truth is there’s nothing wrong with you, beautiful people. A few things could be at play when you find yourself unhappy while successful:

  1. You have unmet expectations. In this episode, I talk about what those are and how they happen.
  2. You’re not having the important conversation(s) you know you need to be having. It’s freaking scary, and none of us like doing it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Your best life is one, sweaty, 10-minute conversation away.
  3. You’re not doing the “unsexy” tasks that you know you need to be doing. I freaking love this idea. I first learned about unsexy tasks in Jeff Olson’s book The Slight Edge.
  4. This one’s the kicker: You’re not asking for what you need (hell, you may not even know what you need).

I talk about that exact phenomenon in an episode of my Sarah Uncut series click here to check that out. It can be really scary to realize that we need something but have no idea what that is. 

I don’t think any of us wake up in the morning and think: Huh. I wonder how I can end up feeling awful today!

But over time, day after day, as we hide from things that feel scary or hard … or we don’t do the unsexy tasks in front of us we end up creating a life we didn’t intend to create. It’s one where life feels like it’s coming at us instead of working with us.

This one is going to help you feel better, I promise. 


So, pop in those earphones, and let’s get to it.

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