Episode 214: Coaching the Unconscious Mind: Unlock Your Genius with Jenn Beninger

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If you’re living with self-doubts and are worried about what others think of you – you might not even know how much they’re holding you back. Learn how to recognize your intuition and use it to translate what your inner critic is telling you to turn it into a force for good.


Jenn Beninger is the Genius Unlocked Founder and CEO of Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute, a board-certified company, where she coaches, mentors, and transforms leaders' personal and professional lives. Jenn has refined the art of coaching others on how to delve into what's holding them back, and guiding them to successfully live in their purpose by calling on their intuition.

Journey to coaching the unconscious mind

Jenn started out as a successful business coach, which for her was also exhausting.


“If you're not really, truly tapping into your inner genius as it exhausting,” says Jenn. “Then I started doing the unconscious mind work, and I started with what was called personal development because I was like, what's going on inside of us?”

After her first seminar about neurolinguistic programming, she realized she was living with outside influences directing where she wanted to go. Her desire to help people became uncovering and supporting people in releasing the most vulnerable judgments that they have about themselves.


“Ladies, that is the number one thing that's stopping you from anything that you want to do in your life, is that the most vulnerable judgment that you have about yourself,” says Jenn. “It has nothing to do with outside influences.”

Unconscious mind affects your external world

What's going on in the internal world is how your external world is presenting itself to you. You set your goal with your conscious mind: I want this, I deserve this, I want the income. I want the business. I want to help people. I want that health. I want that wealth.

Your unconscious mind is the goal getter. If they're not in alignment and you're living in your unconscious mind with these self-doubts, with these projections of what other people think other people are going to say to you, you won’t achieve the goal.

Jenn calls the external judgments and self-doubts identities. For Jenn, she knew she was a really good coach. Her doubts manifested as “If she’s really good, then why couldn’t she save her marriage?” This was just one of the beliefs unconsciously stopping her from creating the business and the life that she wanted.

Use the four voices to align your conscious and unconscious

Finding alignment requires deep work with intuition, which is the translator between your conscious and unconscious mind. Intuition is one voice. The others are your inner critic, your inner child, and your inner ego.


Your inner critic tells you things like, I’m not worthy. I’m not good enough. The inner child tends to be fear or hurt based drawing on your lived experience. The inner ego digs in to be right. This is usually the identity you’ve given yourself or was given to you, and there is a desire to protect it. Your ego protects your inner child and your inner critic protects the identity that you've already created.

 Your intuition gives you the learnings that you deserve to learn about yourself so that those voices can quiet down.

So, what does that look like? Your intuition is always kind. If you're hearing inner thoughts that are not kind, it is not your intuition. Your intuition may not always be gentle. It's that kick in the pants. Your intuition shines a light on the positive qualities and characteristics that you suppressed in order to live in this human experience.


“Your other three voices they're a bull in a China shop. Got it. You have to be willing to go to your intuition and say, hey, what is what does this mean?” says Jenn.

Avoid blame and shame

Your four voices are a way for you to learn more about yourself, you can honor all of them. Even if you’re facing down a fearful inner child, it's like a warning light in your unconscious mind.


You want to move your inner child from being hurt, scared and fear into learning. Then, your inner child’s new job becomes that playful side. The next step is to integrate all of them. You find your purpose by listening to your three inner voices. They're going to give you the warning signs. Your intuition is going to give you the learnings. Now you have your purpose.

Money and sex are women’s most vulnerable places

Jenn says your two most vulnerable places about you are your bank account and the bedroom. For example, let’s look at wealth. Consider a coaching exercise of questions to ask yourself.

1. When I look at my bank account, what are the qualities and characteristics that come up about me with my bank account?


If your bank account is not where you want it, you. What is a quality and characteristic you could say? And you're all free from this. These are just examples I'm pulling from our clients. I'll say like, well, I'm lazy, I procrastinate, I don't know, I need another training, and you start following these qualities and characteristics, and you have them all listed down.


2. When I look at all of those qualities and characteristics, what are my negative thoughts and emotions attached to that?


You need to find the feeling from the thoughts. The thoughts are very important. That thought of I think I'm a failure. I think I'm not smart enough. If the thought is anger, ask yourself: What was the first time you felt anger around money or experienced anger? And with that root answer, how is that situation related to your presenting problem? You connect it all together.


3. What would you want that version of yourself to know? It’s not about blaming and shaming past experiences.


Understanding as coaches and as women how we operate and how our brains work will help us understand how we can create the change that we want to see in the world.


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