Episode 13: To-Do Lists Are So Last Week

In this episode, I sat down with productivity expert and founder of Life is Organized, Mridu Parikh. She’s spent almost a decade as a Professional Organizer, in-home and coaching clients around the world. Mridu helps ambitious women go from overwhelmed and overloaded to in control, (and confident that nothing will fall through the cracks), so…

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Episode 11: SPECIAL EDITION Staying Calm During COVID-19

Game On Girlfriend Ep11

What if I get sick with COVID-19? What if someone I love gets sick? How am I going to survive with my kids home all day, every day? What if we get quarantined? These questions can roll around in your head and cause enormous stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling that, know that first and…

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Episode 10: Can We Disagree And Still Be Friends?

Game On Girlfriend Ep10

It seems like being able to disagree and still be friends is a lost art these days. Can we have different political views and still be kind? Can I tell you that I think you’re wrong and still go out for coffee next week? This interview is about this topic, and so much more. Allison…

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Episode 6: Is Your Brand Confusing Your Customers?

Game On Girlfriend Ep6 with Mallika Malhotra

Do you have clone syndrome? Do you fall in love with someone else’s brand and you can’t seem to figure out how to create your own branding? Yikes. That can leave your customers totally confused, which is the death of revenue. How the heck are you supposed to stand out these days? It’s crowded out…

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