Episode 123: Women, Money & Roe V Wade

Game On Girlfriend Ep123

Well, this is an episode I never thought I’d be recording. And honestly, I’m scared to be doing it. I know you guys turn to me for business advice, sales training, and personal development. But you guys, we have to talk about this. It’s just too important. And I understand if this makes you weary,…

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Episode117: Let’s Make Money, and Other Birthday Musings

Game On Girlfriend Ep117

It’s my birthday episode! I love making birthday episodes for the podcast! The first time it was my birthday after our launch, it was right in the middle of the shutdown.  And that sort of started a tradition of celebrating my birthday on the podcast. And I’m so excited that I got to do this…

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Episode 109: Help! I’m Trapped In a Job I Hate!

Game On Girlfriend Ep109

I love to ask our audience what questions they’d like me to answer — and oh boy, did I love this one. One of our awesome humans wrote in and said: “How can I get out of the unfulfilling work trap I am in and still afford my life expenses?” My heart stopped when I…

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Episode 107: Sneak Peek Into My Money Workshop

Game On Girlfriend Episode 107: Sneak Peek Into My Money Workshop

I’m so excited to share this episode with you! Every once in a while, I like to share some of my work on the podcast, and this week, we’re bringing you behind the scenes of my New Year’s Day workshop! We called this one “But What About the Money?” because, well, people always ask me…

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Episode 94: 3 Ways You’re Killing Your Sales

Game On Girlfriend Ep94

So, in my unofficial study of life (LOL!), I’ve come to notice that about 90% of female business owners are scared to sell. Yep, you read that right. Again, it’s unofficial. I don’t do research surveys for a living (one of my clients does, however — maybe I should call her!), but I can tell…

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Episode 87: Is It Ok to Be Happy Right Now?

Game On Girlfriend Ep87

In working with my clients and students over the last few months, I’ve noticed a trend. A lot of people are feeling really worried about the future. The pattern of feelings seems to go something like this: I feel strong and ambitious and excited about my plans!  Well, maybe I don’t care that much because…

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