Does Everyone Just Suck? – Sarah Uncut Episode 37

Picture of Sarah in black sweater pointing two pens into each of her cheeks. Text reads: Does Everyone Just Suck. Sarah Uncut.

Believe it or not, getting screamed at in the car was a moment that reminded me how important it is to recognize the humanity of others. I was in the throes of adjusting to my daughter’s Type 1 diabetes diagnosis. I’d headed to the grocery store, my mind trying to make sense of our new…

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What to Do When You Want to Quit – Sarah Uncut Episode 33

Frowning woman in black blouse with hand to her chin. Text reads: When you want to quit.

If you’re feeling like you want to quit, here’s what you should do: everything you can do within your ability RIGHT NOW. In this episode of Sarah Uncut, I’m going to walk you through a simple exercise that will help you take control and push through those nagging feelings when you want to quit. I…

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How do I Find Work-Life Balance? – Sarah Uncut Episode 32

Picture of Sarah in pink sweater with her hands bent, palms up in a "what" pose. Text reads: How Can I Find A Work Life Balance?

There’s no such thing as work-life balance. That’s right. You heard it here first. The clock doesn’t stop ticking on your life when you sit down to work on emails. It is outrageous that as women, we’re supposed to pretend that parts of our life don’t matter. (And yes, this idea is rooted in social…

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How I Prepare for Workshops – Sarah Uncut Episode 30

Picture of Sarah in tan turtleneck sweater pointing at her note pad. Text reads: Sarah Uncut. How I Prepare for my Workshops.

How do we pick a topic for a workshop or a class? It occurred to me that a lot of people think I just make stuff up — that the camera turns on, and I just start talking. That’s not what happens. The hours and hours of preparation are bananas. Here’s the secret beautiful people:…

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How to Increase Confidence – Sarah Uncut Episode 29

Picture of Sarah "raising the roof" in gray sweater. Text reads: Sarah Uncut How to Increase Confidence

Beautiful people, one of our biggest issues is self-trust. To build confidence, we need to trust ourselves to handle whatever comes our way so we can walk into any room and BRING IT. ===== Mentioned in this episode ===== Motivation Is a Skill – click here Motivation Manifesto Book Review – click here Click below to…

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Start 2022 With a Clean Slate – Sarah Uncut Episode 28

Picture of Sarah holding a red mug and the Sarah Uncut background for Episode 28 background

Stop acting as if the last 12 months of your life didn’t matter. Yes, we’re not out of the woods yet, and it might be trendy to say 2021 sucked. … but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate what was great. Let’s take a minute to appreciate what went well in 2021 as we prepare…

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