Episode 138: What’s Life REALLY Like After Menopause

Woman in black tank top in front of trees with text What's life really like after menopause with Dr. Cari Schaefer on The Game On Girlfriend Podcast with Sarah Walton

Menopause doesn’t happen to women; it happens for them. It doesn’t always feel that way, but today we’re demystifying the changes with Dr. Cari Schaefer.

Dr. Cari is a nationally certified herbalist and primary care provider of Chinese medicine by the Medical Board of California. She founded the platform Wise Woman Emerging to help women through menopausal change.

Dr. Cari’s vision for the platform was born out of her own menopause journey, when she discovered that this time in a woman’s life has all but been lost to society and traditional medical establishments.

Women are offered few solutions, and many are left to suffer alone. Cari’s experience involved being sent to an extreme detox center, where she developed a phobia of flying on the way home and attended a lecture where she was told women are “done” post-menopause. (EXCUSE ME?)

In today’s episode, she walks us through the three major hormonal shifts in a woman’s life and explains the biology behind what drives women, and what gets in the way as these shifts happen.

She hits on the imbalance that can emerge from the survival instinct to care for others instead of caring for ourselves and the role of stress and weight gain. (More stress in an already stressful time? It takes a toll.)

Listen for Dr. Cari’s tips, including screening panels you can do to check your hormone levels and get the support your body — and you — need.


Pop in those headphones and let’s get to it!


You can find “The Food Solution” mentioned in today's episode by Dr Cari Schaefer here.

If you’d like to follow Dr. Cari on all the socials … here’s where you can find her:

Website: http://sustainablehc.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wisewomanemerging


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